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What makes CityLab different from other high schools?
CityLab Innovation High School is for students who are looking for a different pathway than a traditional high school. In order to be a true, alternative program for students who need something different than a traditional high school setting, we designed CityLab. Some main differences are seen in curriculum like interdisciplinary courses, an application process so students have a voice and choice in their education, internship opportunities, exploration options, out-of-classroom experiences, small class sizes, Competency Based Learning (CBL) and dual enrollment to simultaneously receive college and high school credit.

What are CityLab's hours?
Period 1 begins promptly at 7:54am and ends at 2:20pm.

Is there a bus?
Bus routes are available here: Bus Routes
Students are also allowed to take public transportation or drive their own vehicles, if applicable.

How do I enroll at CityLab?
CityLab is an alternative high school option for all 9-12 grade students in Revere. If you are interested in joining us, please click the “Apply” tab at the top of this page.At this time we are not accepting students until Spring 2023

What are some of the exploratory options offered?
Our exploratory and pathway opportunities are flexible and often adapting to our students wants and needs. Through our partnerships some of the options we currently offer are: Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science, Woodworking, Culinary, Cosmetology, Robotics, Artists for Humanity, and Project Hope; Video Game Design.